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(Prices available upon request if not listed)


PCB's/Game Boardsets

Atari System 2 Audio 2 board $30

Atari Pole Position Edge PCB Interconnect Connector Board A039432-01 A039431 $15

Midway Galaga Rapid Fire P.C. PC PCB - A082-91410-A000 $35

Nintendo VS Table $40

Centuri Pleiades untested $30

Nintendo 8 Ball - video board compatible with Donkey Kong $35

Midway Bowling 2 board set

Midway Bowling 2 board set with corrosion on daughterboard

Midway Space Encounter Sound PC

Gottlieb GV-109UR Power Supply Board

Williams Video Game Power Supply 5773-09679-00 (D-8784) needs to be rebuilt

Midway Power Supply for Medium Resolution Monitor Games such as Paperboy and Championship Sprint

Vs Table to Playchoice upgrade kit (NO CAGE)

Bally Sente System Power Supply - worked when pulled from machine

Double Dragon - 3 boardsets - need work

Merit CRT-150 Display Board, DRT-200 Dart Processor(not working) from Bull Buster Dart Game Machine

Transformer p/n 560-0055 / 37-8143 - dated 1983 (possibly pulled from a Sega Star Trek)

ALL TESTED BOARDS are guaranteed to work unless noted (7 day return policy)


Video Arcade Game Marquees & Monitor Bezels:

Atari Asteroids

Atari Lemans Driving Arcade Game

Atari Championship Sprint

Bally Midway Rally-X Rally X upright

Bally Midway Kickman

Cinematronics Star Castle

Sega Gremlin Blockade

SNK Street Smart

Capcom Bowling

Taito Battleshark

Street Fighter Championship Edition

Atari Road Riot Cardboard Sign

Top Gunner

Nintendo Donkey Kong Monitor Bezel


Controls & Control Panels

Ramp style coin mech mfr by Calle - used on Nintendo games such as Donkey Kong, Sega games and others $40 EXC

Arkanoid controller $30

Wico Controller - NOS fits Arkanoid $40

Sega Rotary Interface; manufactured 1982; Assy 800-0382; PCB 170-0260



Cinematronics Star Castle - Many parts available - email with needs

Cinematronics Armor Attack- Many parts available including monitor bezel(some scratches), monitor overlay and more - email with needs

Sega Outrun Shifter micro switches (2) $10 each

Allen-Bradley A-B 5K Potentiometer NOS used in Atari Games such as Paperboy $20

Atari Asteroids Coin Box 0950-00900 0000 $20

Sega Star Trek - parting out whole machine




Electrohome GO5 XY Vector Monitor (pulled from Atari Asteroids).   Tube has screen burn.  Working perfectly.  Can ship boards without the tube.  $200

Electrohome GO8 XY Vector monitor pulled from Sega Star Trek $250 working condition

Wells Gardner K4600 and K4900 Monitor Boards available

Electrohome GO7 Monitor Boards available Tested and working $85

Wells Gardner K7000 Monitor - Nice picture - horizontal mount with some screen burn $60 PICK-UP ONLY

Wells Gardner 19K7201 Monitor - Like new with very low hours - horizontal mount $150 PICK-UP ONLY

Wells Gardner K4600 Monitor - no screen burn - vertical mount - used on Pac Man etc $100 PICK-UP ONLY

Wico Sum-200 (Kortek brand) Monitor - no screen burn - horizontal mount $100 PICK-UP ONLY



Midway Sea Wolf II Paperwork Package with manual etc $20

Midway Pac-Man Owners Manual MINT (2 available) $20

Atari Centipede Cocktail Manual + schematics (4 pieces) $20

Exidy Crossbow Service Manual $20

Centuri Phoenix Service Manual $15

Midway KICK Blueprints Set $25 includes manual etc

Wells Gardner X-Y Quadrascan Service Manual $10

GO5 -802/805 Quadrascan Service Manual $10

Atari Stunt Cycle Service Manual $20

Williams Make Trax Drawing Set $10

Allied Leisure Tennis Tourney Parts Catalog (fair cond) $5

Exidy Cheyenne Service Manual $25

Sega Diga Mart 1984 redemption owners manual  $20

Ramtek Baseball Flyer

Atari Quak Video Gun Game Flyer

Kee Games Pursuit Flyer

Lot of 1970's Atari Coin Connection Newsletters