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Circuit Boards

Miscellaneous Parts

Playfield Plastics & Parts for Electromechanical Games

Playfield Plastics & Parts for Solid-State Games

Playfields and Backboxes (parting out - not whole)

Ball Shooter & Ball Shooter housings

Pinball Schematics, Manuals & Scorecards

Coils & Mechanical Parts

Miscellaneous non-pinball, Baseball machines, Shuffle Bowling Alley machines and woodrail parts

Miscellaneous Schematics & Flyers



1939 Chicago Coin Topper - parting out whole machine

1960 Sunny Shuffle Alley - parting out machine (no coin box). All other parts still available.

DATA EAST SECRET SERVICE:  Circuit boards(no CPU or sound board), playfield parts, pop bumper assemblies, kicker assys, slingshot assys, flippers, coils etc.  Coin Door and lockdown bar sold.


PARTING OUT WILLIAMS FISHTALES PINBALL MACHINE PLAYFIELD AND CABINET.   5768-13163-00 Motor EMI Board ASSY PCB for fishing reel $20.    Many plastic parts still available inc playfield plastics, fishing reel plastic wheel etc.  Parts remaining from the cabinet:  Coin Door, flipper switches etc.  Sold:  Reel motor & opto assy.

PARTING OUT UNITED NEVADA:  Main motor, Ball shooter gauge plate, Ball shooter assembly, pop bumper caps, misc. playfield parts

Parting Gottlieb James Bond Playfield - excellent paint condition but missing some plastics and other parts.

Playfield Plastic Sets(See listings below)

Parting out Williams Daily Races playfield

Parting out Bally Beauty Contest - parts available include search disc unit, credit unit, coin door, cash door, spotting unit, misc stepper units, coils


Parting out Williams Comet.   Some parts still available

NOTE:  Ramps and plastic playfield parts are no longer available.   We still have underside playfield parts.

Ball Shooter assembly - complete $30

Transformer Board $40

Knocker Assembly, playfield parts and coils, Playfield front lock down brackets (braces) etc etc etc including AE-23-800 Pop Bumper Assemblies, Outhole Kicker Assembly etc

Transformer $75

Main wiring harnesses $75

Playfields (parting out/complete playfields):

(unless noted, playfields are complete and include all parts on top/underside)

1958 Williams Deluxe Shortstop Baseball Machine Playfield (No pitching unitsky) - has woodgrain laminate playfield

Gottlieb Card Trix - excellent paint condition with the exception of wear at the kickout hole.  15 pin jones plug cut on underside.  No flipper coils.   Some damage to underside.

Gottlieb James Bond Playfield - excellent paint condition but missing some plastics and other parts.

Gottlieb Sky Jump - vertical crack(wear) in front of target bank.


United 1966 Blazer Shuffle Alley - vg to exc. cond. with wood frame.   Backglass has a few flakes in top area.  Plastic bezel also available.

Bally Amigo - excellent-mint condition $185

Gottlieb Pinball Pool Backglass in good condition (has some spider webbing) $100

Early woodrail Backbox w. backglass (possibly Chicago Coin - has numbers 1 through 15 with a large star in the center) $50


Atari Auxilliary Board - missing a few chips; good for parts or can be repaired

Bally Solenoid Driver Boards for early SS Pinball Machines - Tested/Working

Bally Squalk & Talk Sound Board

Bally Solid State Sound Module AS-2518-50

Bally Lamp Driver Board AS-2518-23

Data East Display Board (4 displays all missing)

Data East Power Supply Board Assy (burned GI Lamp section)

Data East Flipper Power Supply Board Assy 520-5001-00

Gottlieb System 1 PB00-D123-001 Rev A Driver Board - Excellent condition/Untested

Gottlieb System System 80 Pop Bumper Driver Boards C-19740 (5), C-19745 untested $25 each

Premier -719 A24 Reset Board w. 40 pin IC adaptor harness

Stern MPU-200 CPU Board - Excellent condition and tested.  We can program it to work in any Stern machine  $150

Williams Level 4 CPU - untested/for repair - Fits early Williams Solid State Games $30

Williams 4 Digit Numeric Ball in Play / Status Display with side connector - Good condition (light phosphor burn) $50

Williams 4 Digit Numeric Display Glass only (has nipple on back side) - $55

Williams 4 Digit Numeric Display Glass only (flat type without nipple) - $75

Williams 6 Digit Numeric Display - Fits early solid state pinball machines with bottom side edge connector - $60

Williams Display circuit board without glass -(6 digit) $15 each (use your own display glass)

Williams Display circuit board without glass includes gasket for display -(7 digit) $15 each (use your own display glass)

Williams transformer 549-8814 (heavy / unknown game)

Bally Solid State Sound Board with Nitro Ground Shaker ROMS - TESTED/WORKING (2 available)

Bally Solid State Sound Module (for early games such as Playboy) untested / good condition $35


COIN BOXES  $15-25 each

Williams Coin Box circa 1965, 1966, 1967 marked "8 Ball" - no lid $60

COIN DOORS and parts ------------

Bally EM coin door for games circa 1966 to 1971 - $85

Bally EM coin door for games from 1971 to 1977 - $75 exc. cond.(no frame)

Bally solid state machine coin door for games from 1978 - 1985 - $50

Bally playfield glass metal frame assembly(no glass) - pulled from "Amigo" $50

Bally playfield glass metal frame assembly(with glass) $100

Gottlieb system 1 one coin door - very good to excellent condition $45

GTB system 80A coin door - exc. cond $50

Stern 80's vintage Coin return flap $15

Stern 80's vintage Coin Entry Plate w. dollar and quarter plastic inserts - Excellent condition $45

Williams mid 60's coin door parts (pulled from a Full House):  all parts from the back side of the door inc. coin switch assy etc, pricing inserts(2)

SCORE REELS and BACKBOX PARTS  ----------------

Score reels and backbox parts (70's) from Bally, Gottlieb, Williams, Chicago Coin.  1970's score reels from any all manufacturers available $10 each.

Gottlieb score reels from the 1960's - $25 each

Gottlieb 60's vintage control bank units:  2 available with 5 relay configuration

Mid 60's Williams stepper unit from backbox with 1 point bell and striker $75

Bally and Gottlieb EM dummy score reels from 70's - various styles available

Score motors: Bally, Williams, Gottlieb (several varieties of Gottlieb motors from early 60's through 1970's)

LOCKDOWN BARS ----------

1967 Williams Lockdown Bar - fits Touchdown and similar games  $40


Stern Galaxy Backbox wiring harness - no cuts

Bally Nitro Groundshaker backbox wiring harness - uncut

Bally Embryon backbox wiring harness - uncut

FLIPPER PARTS  ---------------

60's small Flippers - chrome housing w. metal shaft & red "FLIPPER" lettering - fits 1966 Williams etc - good condition

60's small 2.5" left flipper shoe/shaft with red housing/white lettering

Banana Flipper Shoe - Shaft Assy. (right side/NOS) $35

Stern Flipper shoe/shaft assembly - part # 1A-284 NOS $20

Gottlieb metal flipper buttons circa 1970

Williams translucent orange flipper button assemblies circa 1980

Williams red flipper buttons circa 1970's

Williams Clock Unit p/n STD-520

Coin Mechs:  quarter sized $10 each, dime mechs(3) $20 each, nickel mech $30

Pinball Backbox Doors for Multi-Player Games 27 3/8 wide x 25 1/8" tall $30 each (4 available)

Pinball backbox door - pulled from a Williams Set Up 23" x 25.25" tall

Pinball backbox door - 21.5 x 24.5" tall - possibly pulled from a Gottlieb game

Pinball backbox door - 27 5/8 x 26.5" tall - possibly pulled from a Gottlieb game

Pinball backbox door - Gottlieb wedgehead "early style" pulled from a 1961 Gottlieb Lancers

Gottlieb knocker assy - "brass bracket" from Surfside
Bally SS transformers

Playfield Plastics, Playfield Parts etc. (EM):

(plastic shields are $5-$20 each depending upon condition and rarity

Bally Amigo:  playfield inserts; playfield plastics complete set $90; ball shooter housing(good) $15; playfield apron $25

Bally Monte Carlo:  playfield inserts

Bally Kick Off:  M-1330-123-6

Bally Aladdins Castle:  M-1330-125-3,8 (clear plastics); 100 point pop bumper caps(qty 3, exc); ball shooter gauge $25; playfield inserts

Bally Night Rider: 2 large upper corner plastics $10 each; M13301298 good; M13301299 scratched; 129-7, 129-5, 129-2(fair), 130-1, 130-2 spinner- has some wear to white area $15; ball shooter cover -exc. $20; pf inserts

Gottlieb 2 1/2" flippers from 1960's and early 1970's era games available with raised blue letters or unraised blue letters

Gottlieb Big Shot:  C-14605 playfield plastic, 2 small yellow/black plastics, pop bumper cap

Gottlieb Big Brave / Big Indian:  Playfield lamp inserts; 5 Drop targets $25 for all; Lot of 10 playfield plastics(some scratches and wear)$45 for lot; misc mechanical parts

Gottlieb Card Trix - complete set $85

Gottlieb Drop-a-Card / Pop-a-Card plastics:  B-13420-L, A-13421, B-13423-R(cracks)

Gottlieb Lancers:  2 slingshot plastics(fair condition); pop bumper caps(fair condition); plastic posts; rollover guides(fair condition); playfield apron (fair condition - also fits this list of early 1960's multi-player Gottlieb Pinball Machines:   Aloha, Flying Circus, Oklahoma, Merry-Go-Round, Fashion Show, Liberty Belle, Preview, Flying Chariots, Gaucho and Swing Along)

Gottlieb Top Score or 300:  3 used targets; pf inserts; some mechanical parts
Gottlieb Spirit of 76 - pf inserts including letters B,C, D and some other non-letter inserts
Gottlieb Jumping Jack - C-14478-R (1" split), C-14481 (clear), C-14482 (clear), A-15161(2) $3 each; used drop targets; playfield inserts

Gottlieb Orbit:  Some playfield parts available (plastics NLA), many Gottlieb mechanical parts available

Gottlieb Funland or Funpark:  A-11067-L, A-11069, A-11068-R, A-11068-L, A-11070 - $20 each or $60 for all

Gottlieb Sky Jump / Sky Dive / Free Fall:  A-15040- L,A-15040-R, A-15041(repaired ), A-15044, A-15042, B-15045, B-15046; Drop targets white w. black lettering 1-7

Gottlieb Snow Queen / Snow Derby playfield plastics:  D-12799, D-12800, A-12793-R, A-12793-L

Gottlieb A-15956-R

Gottlieb B-11905 misc. drop targets:  black(2), green(1), black w. yellow burst(2)

Sonic Cherry Bell:  bumper caps, ball shooter housing, 30c-990-1 plastic

Williams Full House or Top Hand:  6 Playfield Plastics $50 - all have some scratches (center slot machine plastic not available).  "10 or 100 points when lit bumper cap - heavy wear $5.  Parting out playfield, bottom board and body:  Many parts still available including coin door parts, slot machine score reel assemblies etc.

Williams Beat Time:  30C-324-2 Plastic $25; spin target bottom half of assy. only $15

Williams Travel Time set of 10 playfield plastics:  30C-393-* (plastic 30C-393-8 is damaged) All others are in very good to excellent condition

Williams coin insert "2 Nickels 1 Play" p/n 16C-8640-4 $20

Williams 30C-457-4

Williams playfield apron - Red/white/"Williams" and "Flipper buttons" have blue lettering - fair $15 used on 8 Ball, Big Chief, Bowl a Strike, Lucky Strike, Teachers Pet, Full House etc. 1965-1966

Playfield Plastics, Playfield Parts etc. (solid state games):

Bally Dolly Parton: Spinner exc. cond $25; sling plastics; M1330160 plastic shield

Bally Evel Knievel:  playfield lamp light inserts

Bally Fathom:  3 used bumper caps nice graphics, one broken tab on each cap.  $10 for all

Bally Mystic:  M-1330-171-1,2,4,5,8,9(chip in upper-rt corner); playfield inserts; ball shooter housing; playfield spinners(2) $25 each or both for $40; three bumper caps(yellowed) $5 all; playfield apron fair-good w. some light surface rust mostly along bottom edge $25
Bally Silverball Mania:  Playfield plastics NLA; three 50 pt. dead bumper caps w. burn marks $5 each; mechanical and misc. parts available; playfield inserts available; ball shooter gauge $25; playfield apron $20 fair w. some light surface rust

Bally Skateball:  drop target used $15

Bally Kings of Steel:  O390-00901-OOXF-3,4,6,10,12,13; playfield inserts
Bally Night Rider: 2 large upper corner plastics $10 each; M13301298 good; M13301299 scratched; 129-7, 129-5, 129-2(fair), 130-1, 130-2 spinner- has some wear to white area $15; ball shooter cover -exc. $20
Bally Lost World:  M-1330-144-1,2,5($15 each), M-1330-144-6,8,9,10; spinner EXC $25; pf inserts; ball shooter gauge $25

Bally Nitro Groundshaker:   Playfield spinner $25(some wear) and some miscellaneous parts available - email or call for info; bumper cap(burn mark) Playfield plastics are NLA.

Bally Six Million Dollar Man:  M1330-152c-1, 2; ball shooter gauge (some wear) $15

Bally 1000 Points when lit pop bumper cap - white/red/gold lettering - used good condition $5

Bally bumper cap - white with black starburst and 3 blue stars

Bally drop targets:  white w. red explosion (2); flat bulls eye and other style targets (no upper lip)  for early solid state games

Data East Secret Service:  Elvis plastic 830-5402-03, "Laser Kick" plastic 830-5402-11, Blue pop bumper cap w. decal, Red bumper cap w. decal, Wire Ramp 535-5321-00, Light Panel plastic covers from upper backbox assy, yellow playfield up-post, drop targets(5), Playfield Hideout Assembly

Data East Star Wars right sling shot plastic (#15) $15

Gameplan Super Nova - most plastics available $5 each; roulette wheel with motor $50

Gottlieb Devil's Dare playfield plastics:  upper left "Captive Pit", upper right and 9 others.  The "Devil's Dare" plastic is damaged.

Gottlieb Ice Fever:  Pop bumper caps, spinner, clear plastic posts, bullseye targets

Gottlieb James Bond playfield plastics:  A-20161, C-20166, C-20167, D-20168 upper arch plastic $25 - all exc. condition.

Gottlieb Solar Ride:  B-18121, B-18122(split), B-18123, A-18118, A-18119, A-18120, four clear plastics with standoffs

Gottlieb Solar Ride (second set):  B-18121, B-18122(broken), B-18123, A-18118, A-18119, A-18120

Gottlieb Sinbad - parting out playfield:  No playfield plastics except pf inserts but many mechanical parts; spinner (worn); pf inserts; 1 red drop target

Gottlieb Buck Rogers - parting out pf: A-19367 sling;C-19371; pf inserts; pop bumper bodies(w/bl, w/bk-2)
Gottlieb Close Encounters:  B-18392; A-18391; playfield inserts; spinner $20
Gottlieb Spiderman -parting out pf, spinner(cracked at pin but repairable), w/r bumper body, D-19735 top pf plastic $30 other plastics NLA
Gottlieb Panthera -PF inserts, bumper inserts, spinner (exc) $20; playfield apron Star Series 80 part# E-18793 $40 VG cond.

Gottlieb Royal Flush Deluxe -  Most plastics available.  Five very used snap targets w. chips; pf inserts; other misc from pf including 2 ball shooter cover assys.

Gottlieb Haunted House:   mid-right main playfield plastic with "window" fair condition, drop targets, playfield inserts

Stern Galaxy: pf inserts; ball shooter gauge $20; pf apron $40 vg-exc part# 14B 3-1
Williams Cosmic Gunfight: 31-502-9(chipped), 31-502-2, 31-502-4, 31-502-7 $5 each - fair cond; ball shooter housing -exc $15; 1 cap -fair cond; pf inserts; pop bumper cap - paint EXC/decal has wear (fair) $25
Williams Gorgar parting out pf: plastics 30c-496-6(fair cond.), 30c-496-7 $10 each; other misc. parts
Williams Blackout:  30C-495-2,6,7,8,9(crack) some scratches; playfield spinner(some wear) $15; playfield inserts

Williams Blackout:  Complete Set of 10 playfield plastics (30C-495-*) $75 for set, Bumper Cap $20

Williams Firepower:  Spinner $25 some wear; playfield inserts.

Williams Phoenix plastics:  30C-485-* {1,2(crack),3,4,5,6,7, 8(chip)}

Williams pop bumper cap  red/black w. "W" inscription

Williams Police Force Drive Belt $10

Williams Tri Zone:  Spinner - has some wear $25; pf inserts; bumper caps(4)

Williams Funhouse:  Left sling kicker plastic shield only $15

Williams Whirlwind:  "Feel the Power" Drop Targets (3) Decal Part # 31-1463-574-3-SP

Playfields / Backboxes (parting out/not whole):
NOTE:  Any remaining plastic parts would be listed in the previous two sections above.  The parts that are available below would be mainly mechanical parts, metal parts, coils etc.

Playfields Parts:  Gorgar, Gameplan Super Nova, Royal Flush Deluxe, Panthera, Dolly Parton, Sinbad(SS), Sonic Cherry Bell, Bally Monte Carlo, Bally Silverball Mania, Williams Full House

Bally Hang Glider - parting out backbox - steppers etc.  No case or backglass.   No Bally score reels available at this time.
Williams Big Deal - parting out backbox - reels, steppers etc. no shell or backglass

Gottlieb Jack in the Box - parting out backbox - reels, steppers etc.   No case or backglass

Ball Shooters and Ball Shooter housings:

Williams metal block style - one NOS with some wear and one used

Bally Blue/green ball shooter housing - probably for Aladdins Castle or equivalent game $20

Bally early 70's housing only (takes 2 carriage bolts) NOS $25

Bally mid 70's (Capt Fantastic etc) complete original ball shooter with housing $50 Exc cond.

Premier Gottlieb 90's style ball shooter housing

Pinball Schematics, Manuals and Scorecards:


Bally Flicker schematic, coin chute schematic and General Game Operation Instructions in original envelope $30

Bally X's and O's Scorecards and Instruction Cards in envelope $10

Bally Twilight Zone Original Manual - good used condtion $20

Bally Hi-Deal Paperwork Package - includes schematic, manual & misc papers in envelope(torn) - exc. cond. $35

Bally Mr & Mrs PAC-MAN Pinball scorecards(3) without inserts $9

Bally Night Rider electromechanical paperwork inc. schematic/manual/supp. schematics $25

Bally Party Animal Operating Manual $8 (factory photocopy)

Bally Star Trek paperwork package with Installation and General Game Operation Instructions manual - includes instruction card and some score cards

Bally Time Zone schematic - very good cond. $20

Chicago Coin Fire Cracker schematic - fair condition with staining (schematic has masking tape from being attached to backbox door) $20

Chicago Coin Showtime $15

Data East Secret Service - fair $20

Gameplan Coney Island paperwork package $25

Gottlieb Captain Card schematic (has masking tape from being taped to inside of backbox door) fair condition $15

Gottlieb Ready...Aim...Fire! Instruction Manual with score cards in envelope - some writing on front of manual $20

Gottlieb Jet Spin schematic - very good condition $20

Gottlieb Jungle Queen paperwork package in original Gottlieb envelope with schematic, manual, one instruction card, a quantity of score cards and misc papers $45

Gottlieb Snow Queen Score Card $10

Gottlieb Squarehead schematic - good condition $25

Sonic Cherry Bell instruction manual 34pp - stains/mildew $15

Stern Meteor - good condition Manual $25

Williams Beat Time schematic - fair condtion $20

Williams Blackout Instruction Booklet $15

Williams Blackout Instruction Manual and drawing set (schematics) 28 pages $25

Williams Dipsy Doodle manual & schematic(tear) - stains on both $20

Williams Mardi Gras schematic - fair condition $20

Williams Miss-O schematic - fair condition $20
Williams Blue Chip full paperwork package $25
Williams Black Knight front pricing cards(missing 1) $5

Williams Fantastic Schematic/Supplement/manual in package $25

Williams Palooka schematic - poor condition but usable for troubleshooting or reference $10

Williams Phoenix schematics - 15 pages $25

Williams Set-Up (Set Up) schematic (fair condition w. staining) $20

Williams Smart Set Manual with 4 NOS score cards $20

Williams Spanish Eyes schematic $20

Williams Tri Zone manuals package inc. owners handbook, scorecards and one instruction card $20

Williams Triple Action Instruction Manual, catalog supplement, schematic, one instruction card(some writing on one side) and 11 score cards $35

Williams Star Trek The Next Generation Operations Manual $25

United Big Strike Shuffle Alley manual - fair condition $15


Coils & Mechanical Parts

NOTE:  $4 flat rate shipping on one coil, $6 flat rate for 2-3 coils.  USE PAYPAL LINK AT TOP OF PAGE for fast payments.

BALLY "replacement" coils:

AQ-25-500 34-4500(20) $8 each

AN-26 1200 (3)

A26-1200 (3)

B-27 1300 (2)

G31 2000



CN-31-2000 (10)

G-31 2000 (4)


FC-32 2600

FC-33 2600




C-28-1100 (4)


AN-26-1200 (3)

AF-25-600 28-800


GA-31 2000


Chicago Coin NOS Coils:

J-27 1700

J-28 1700

Zaccaria NOS 50V Coils

Orange label (3)

Blue label (2)

Gottlieb NOS Coils:

A-489 #29


Gottlieb replacement style coils for solid state games (with diode) Email with needs

Gottlieb NOS "replacement" Coils:

A5143 Knocker Coil w. sleeve $12


Williams NOS Coils ($8 each - add $5 shipping for up to 2):

A-25 1000, A-23 600, A-24 975(2)

Z-29 1400, Z32 2700(2), Z31 2000(2), Z30 1800(2), Z30 1600


B1-29 1600(2), B27-1100(2), B-26 800, B-28 1450

C-27 1300(2)

S-27 750(2), S-29 950(3)

MX-31 1500(2), M-29 1100


$15 each

D1-24 1400(2)

SA-2-23 850-DC(3)


FL-20 00/28-400

G-23 750


NEW replacement "fits Williams":

SFL-19-400 30-750-DC (2 available) Flipper $14 each

FL-23-600 30-2600 50V(2) $10 each

SFL-20-300 30-800-DC(7) $10 each

AE-23-800-06  $8 each

AE-23 800-01  $8 each

SFL-23-600 30-2600 $10


BALLY used original - green label



AK-27-1300 Knocker assembly

GOTTLIEB - Many mechanical parts available for EM Pinball Machines:  Pop Bumper assys, kickers, stepper units, Ball Gate Relays,  coin door parts, coin chutes, power switches, main motor & switches & cams etc, coin units, player units, match units, bonus units, knockers, flipper assys, pop bumper rings etc

Gottlieb System 80 Knocker coil assemblies(2) - Coils are bad $20 each

Gottlieb Bonus Unit and Credit Unit(possibly from Jack in the Box) $40 each

A-4893 Gottlieb type pop bumper coil NEW

A-5141 Gottlieb type flipper coil NEW

AX Relay, A-5194, A-4893, 1496,  9740,  A-9746, 9735, D-15341

WILLIAMS 1966 FULL HOUSE bottom board and cabinet parts:  5" Bell, outhole kicker assembly, knocker coil w. harness, bracket for bell solenoid, misc coils, misc relays, misc playfield mechanical parts including plungers, kickers, springs, bumper coil brackets etc etc    

MISC non-pinball, baseball machines, shuffle bowling alley machines and woodrail parts:

Chicago Coin Topper Pinball Machine:  Many playfield parts available including bumpers, springs, deco light caps, posts etc

TIC-TAC-TOE Schematics and cards $25

Bally Road Runner Manual + Paperwork Package $25

Midway Sea Devil Misc Papers $10

Brunswick Air Hockey Model 74-8 Manual $15

National Cigarette Vendor 222 Instruction Package $15

Rowe BA-4 Manual $15

1955 United Banner Shuffle Alley - Parts Available include complete backbox/relay board with 5" yellow paper score reels, score motor (#5106, 21 RPM), 10th Frame Step up stepper unit and other coils and parts from the bottom relay board.  Email with needs.

Chicago Coin Goalee - Parting out - no backbox, cabinet or playfield. Parts available include: Cast iron Hockey player with Flexo-Action Gear motor, Flexo-Action gear motor for parts only, individual separate cast iron hockey men, yellow control handles, cast instruction plate holder with credit switch p/n 86-806, coils, stepper units ( with P-273 and 278 Coils), Ball lift motor assembly, Bell unit. No other parts avail other then the parts listed.

United Shuffle Alley early 1960's vintage Score Motor #5106, 21 rpm - $100

United Shuffle Alley front wood oak legs (pulled from "Sunny" shuffle alley)

NOS United SS shuffle trip wires $8 each
United Solid State shuffle alley pins(used), trip wires(used-some rust)

United solid state Shuffle Alley NOS Pin Set with double circle design on pin (note:   6 single pins also available)

United SS Shuffle Alley Used and NOS gear parts available including part # 3C-7201 Pin Reset Lever $15 each

United EM Shuffle Alley Pin unit assembly (This unit includes a B-28 1450 Coil, switch stack and pin trip/reset levers) NOS - (2 available)

Gottlieb Plastic Score Reels from 50's Shuffle Bowler - have 0 to 9 reels, one 0 to 10 reel, one 1-5/66666 reel

1958 Williams Short Stop Deluxe 22" red/yellow "Home Run" bleacher bezel - some wear in red area

1960's Williams Baseball Bat Unit Assembly - worn but good for parts $40

Chicago Coin Baseball Machine bat unit (missing bat)

Chicago Coin Baseball Machine pitch unit with pitcher motor 14-7726

Chicago Coin 1967 Bulls Eye baseball targets:  344-300-F, 344-300-E, 344-300-B; other targets have wear; coin entry chute

Chicago Coin Bulls Eye Baseball:  three round red plastic target inserts $15

CC Bulls Eye Baseball "Bulls Eye" plastic bleacher bezel 344-302

1962 CC All Star Baseball metal bleacher "red brick wall" bezel - a few scratches

1940's Williams: Black Beehive style ball shooter housing, Green double-skirt rollover guides(2)

USED CHICAGO COIN PINS with "C" inside of crest(5 available)

6" Shuffle Alley Pin part # M-2223

Exhibit Knockout 40's woodrail pre-flipper pinball parts:  Ball Lifter mechanism, shooter gauge, complete Tilt mechanism, front door, lock down bar, instruction sheet that was stapled to the bottom board of the body.

Gottlieb coin return housing for woodrail style door - good condition with minor surface corrosion

Miscellaneous yellow Deco Domed Pop Bumper Caps:  "5000 9 BONUS", "5000 10 BONUS", "5000 AND BONUS", "5000 5 BONUS"

Miscellaneous white Deco Domed Pop Bumper Caps:  "5000 A", "5000 V", 2-N, 3-E, 7-D, 8-A

Daisy pop bumper caps from 50's with black numbers on white center with yellow outer rings numbered 1-9 EXC $75 for set
Daisy pop bumper cap from 50's with 'LITES DOUBLE WHEN LIT' in red on white center with red outer rings EXC $25
Daisy pop bumper cap from 50's with '1 POINT' in blue on white center with red outer rings - cracked red ring $5

Pink 1 13/16" bumper cap w. blue lettering number "6"

Flipper button assemblies(2) - red plastic button w. metal housing(3 screw holes)

Bell Assembly - 5" possibly Genco

Williams individual wood construction chime box assemblies

Genco individual wood chime box assemblies


Miscellaneous Schematics & Advertising Flyers


Williams Fire Pinball Machine Pinball Poster 24 x 20 inches, "Williams #1 in PINBALL"; one tiny hole in black area  $25

Williams Star Pool Flyer

Williams Satin Doll Flyer

United Unique Shuffle Alley Flyer

United Cavalier Shuffle Alley Instruction Manual and schematic $30

Electro-Dart Electro Dart Electronic Sensing Products Flyer

Chicago Coin Turf Club Flyer

70's Game Room Advertising Flyer with caricature of Elton John Captain Fantastic Pinball Machine

Distributor Flyer promoting Bally Flicker Pinball Machine and a few other games

Exhibit Supply ESCO Jungle Hunt Schematic $25

Midway Bull's Eye Dart Schematic $25

Midway Golf Champ Dart Schematic (some tears) $20

Midway S.A.M.I Schematic $20

Sega Soccer $25

Space Glider Score Card $15