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Vintage Kitchen Appliances, Audio Equipment, Clocks & anything Electrical

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Lightolier art deco Wall Sconce $65


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GE General Electric 25T83 Toaster - Oven with built in warming oven feature

condition:  excellent  SOLD

GE General Electric vintage combination Toaster - Oven For Sale



Sizzle Snack 50's vintage Hot Dog Cooker



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excellent working condition.  no tears in grille clothe.  excellent overall condition.  $750

Eico HFS-2 Speaker For Sale




Atari Pong Video Game

works perfectly with AC adaptor.  Battery compartment has corrosion.  $75

Atari Pong Video Game For Sale

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50's vintage Sun Lamp - Heat Lamp - working condition $50

Fifties vintage art deco styled Heat Lamp or Sun Lamp For Sale at R-Kade in Massachusetts





50's vintage Sunbeam Small Appliance Service Manual $100

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Vintage Cowboy Boot Clock mfr. by Spartus.  Condition:  keeps good time/spur is held on by a small screw(not original) $35


Spartus Cowboy Boot 50's vintage clock





T-35 Toaster - Exc. working condition.  Some light scratches to chrome.  Extra clean interior.  Fully automatic with Radiant Control.  Bread automatically lowers when dropped into the slot... SOLD


Sunbeam T-35 sixties vintage Automatic Toaster - EXC cond. $85






KLH Model Four 4 Speaker

50's vintage - designed by Henry Kloss

Parting out speaker:  woofer, grille badge, speaker terminals

KLH Model Four 4 fifties vintage Speaker designed by Henry Kloss For Sale





Waring Hand Mixer Mixor with original box, manual and papers



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Sears Kenmore Automatic Rotisserie - Baker - Broiler - Grill  $125

Oven features 4 hour timer, aluminum griddle for making pancakes etc.

Includes spit, baking pan, rack

Includes a second chrome hood in near mint condition.


Sears Kenmore vintage Oven with Rotisserie from 1960 For Sale


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GE Automatic Skillet.  Excellent working condition.  One chip/crack on inside section of one of the legs.  $50

GE Automatic Skillet - 50's vintage  $65

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Sunbeam A-1-A vintage aluminum & bakelite Hedge Clipper

Condition:  Works well; some wear to alunminum housing and rust on data plate as shown.



Sunbeam 40's vintage Hedge Clipper

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