R-Kade Games

221 Pine Street, Suite 143

Florence, MA 01062

(413) 527-1510

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                Terms of Service


  1. No Warranty is expressed or implied on any shipped arcade games or coin-operated machines.  We provide technical  support for any games that we sell.  Because of the age of some of these machines, connectors and components will occasionally become loose or intermittant after shipping.  We strive to provide the most accurate description of items that are for sale.

  2. R-Kade Games will be under no obligation to provide monetary compensation for needed repairs of any shipped coin-operated machines. 

  3. Shipped games should be inspected upon arrival.  Any damage to packaging should be noted with the shipper and reported immediately to R-Kade.

  4. Massachusetts Sales are subject to 5% Sales Tax.  




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